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Unconventional BluEnt Culture 2017 - How Change in Culture Supports Our Business Immensely?

Texas, USA – Monday, September 11, 2017 : Organizations are putting efforts to bring the best talent to their working palace. What becomes a challenge is retaining the talented lot?
Increasing pressure of sticking to project deadlines, employee's growth and profit via maximum productivity lead us to bring in a survey activity within our organization recently. BluEnt wanted to understand the conventional and unconventional work culture activities which directly impact the environment of the company. While addressing the important issues like shortage of workforce and retaining the skilled employees, 90% of the top management cites company's work culture and employee engagement as the primary tools. Email UsGet in touch for your Business Development needs:global@bluent.com
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Conventional work approach has been losing its charm in attracting and retaining creative and innovative minds of the technology industry. BluEnt has applied a new approach of unconventional work culture.

"You can sit and frame the strategies for hours and put all the efforts to implement them. But if you don't have the culture, specifically, for today's age, nothing's going to last longer." - Sajeel Khanna, Senior VP, BluEnt.

After analyzing all the aspects of our internal survey, the human resource department could gaze the company's culture and employee's mindset quite transparently. This attributes that employee's emotions and motivations rely on the courage to speak your mind, freedom, team bonding, ownership to the tasks and most importantly, trust.

Organization strategies are based on 3 factors for achieving its goals:

  • Innovation
  • Productivity
  • Profitability

Unconventional Culture allowing our employees to achieve goals like never before. A maximum number of the employees enjoy flexible hours, random tea breaks and innovative unconventional way of working. BluEnt has made flexibility in employee's working hours by giving 'freedom' which made the employee commit to the task and take ownership unlike traditional 9:00 am to 5:00 pm environment. We also captured few hours of BluEnt office in time-lapse.

Few of them are as follows:

  • Friendly professional environment - Team activities, weekly parties, fun documentary movies etc.
  • Friday fun - Every alternate Friday is fixed for the potluck or outdoor lunch.
  • Meetings - Interactive, crisp, goal oriented and casual hurdles for exchanging new ideas.
  • Offsite parties - Every 6 months.
  • Gym and yoga classes
  • The time line for the projects, not for tasks. Employees plan their own task.
  • Meetings at the closest coffee house (this can never go boring)
  • Games - Pool table, Foosball etc.

This approach has brought changes in leaps and bounds. BluEnt has strongest team work, positive culture, and maximum value achievement. BluEnt is a technology consulting company, dealing in web application development since 2003. BluEnt designs and develops mobile apps, web portals, custom software, e-commerce and online tools.

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