BluEnt advocates responsive web design for web app development projects

An effective RWD in place can skyrocket your business presence in the market; BluEnt recommends responsive web designs for your business.

Toronto, On – August 28, 2017 – On June 2017, there were 320 million internet users in North America. (Source) with nearly 86% businesses already on the internet and the rest planning to follow them, it is a herculean task to make your business stand out. In almost every case, the best branding strategy is to use responsive web designs(RWD).

Take a look at some success stories of businesses through responsive web design

  1. Skinny Ties, an online Tie Store used RWD as part of their brand marketing strategy. In just a few weeks, their revenue from various devices increased by 42%, conversion rate increased by 13% and site visit duration increased by 44%. Their iPhone revenue quadrupled with RWD.
  2. O'Neill Clothing, tracked their online conversions and revenues before and after they launched their new web responsive site. Within 3 weeks, their conversions increased by 65% and 407% for iOS and Android devices respectively. Their revenue for iOS increased by 101% while for Android, it increased by 591%.
  3. Time Magazine, in 2012 wanted to deliver a seamless user experience and decided to put Responsive Web Design to test for their website. The results were not surprising at all. Their tablet and mobile traffic increased by 25% and per page visit increased by 23% via mobile devices. The unique homepage visits increased by 15% while bounce rates decreased by 26%.
  4. Plusnet, broadband and phone services provider saw 10X increase in sales over mobiles and tablets after implementing responsive web design. They also grew their site traffic by 2X with mobile responsive web design.
  5. UK based sneaker company Offspring saw an increase in their mobile conversion rates by 15.19%. They also saw an increase in tablet and mobile revenue by 102.58%. their organic traffic also increased by 26% due to better and responsive site.

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Responsive website design – An overview

Responsive web designs, as their name suggests, change according to their display devices. They are able to adapt to whichever tablet, smartphone, PC or Laptop they are opened in; regardless of the screen size and type of device.

For the internet and mobile savvy user of today, Responsive web design is the way to go.

Below statistics are why BluEnt recommends responsive web site design for your web application development:

  • GSMA reports that there will be another one billion mobile subscribers by 2020; increasing the global penetration for mobile subscriptions by 60%.
  • Cisco reports that global mobile data increased by 74%.
  • eMarketer predicts that over 1/3rd worldwide mobile customers or around 2.6 billion people will use smartphones by 2018.
  • Adobe reports that 38% people do not engage with unattractive websites; which means that if your website is not responsive, your customer base will fall out.
  • SurveyMonkey reports that if a mobile-unfriendly website pops up in a search engine result, 40% users will choose its competitors.
  • BaseKit explains that despite strong inclination for mobile friendly websites, 91% small businesses still do not have optimized websites.

The above statistics make a strong case for why businesses need responsive websites. BluEnt can help you am up your business revenue with robust and beautiful web responsive sites. Get in touch today to know more.

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