3 Need-to-Know UX Design Trends Hitting Web & Mobile Development

From the homepage to individual calls to action, all the rules of UX are going out the window.

3 Need-to-Know UX Design Trends Hitting Web & Mobile Development

Toronto, Ontario – March 20th, 2017 – UX trends are constantly changing, which is why BluEnt keeps a close eye on the latest developments in web and mobile design and development to deliver cutting edge services for our clients. Here are the three user experience design ideas you should consider going into the second half of 2017.

Trend Alert #1: Landing Pages Trump Homepages

Following the big data-driven user experience best practices from 2016, the first thing most consumers now expect to see on a website isn't a homepage - it's a landing page. An effective landing page targets users based on demographics, location, and information from previous visits to drive conversions. The user-centred design (UCD) should give the visitor everything they need to convert with minimal navigation, allowing for a frictionless path to purchase.

However, any web and mobile app developer worth their weight isn't just applying personalization to landing pages. Peter Smart, head of UX & Product Strategy at Fantasy, believes that it will dominate user interface and user experience decisions throughout the customer journey.

"What does your Amazon homepage look like?" he asked in an interview with Shopify. "It's oddly personalized. Yet, we've come to expect this level of smart personalization... In 2017, we will see the first instances of this technology changing, not just the products you see, but entire components of a user's experience as algorithms multi-variant test layouts to discover the presentations that inspire most user action."

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Trend Alert #2: Skeleton Screen Animations

Regardless of what type of web product you're developing, fast loading speed is an essential aspect of the user experience. A study by MIT revealed that the time it takes for humans to register visual images amounts to 153 milliseconds or under. For web and mobile app developers, this means that we have less than 153 milliseconds for the user interface to load and appear instantaneous.

Traditionally, techniques such as a progress bar or spinner have been used to cushion loading time for impatient users. But in 2017, the majority of web and mobile solutions will opt for skeleton screen animations instead. These load user interface elements in stages, beginning with the initial wireframe and basic screen layout, followed by the header and footer, images, and remaining text.

The beauty of skeleton screens is that they enable viewers to anticipate the reveal of each element, making the wait time seem shorter. The psychological benefits have been proved to improve bounce rates and conversions. Apple has already added skeleton screen animations in their iOS Human Interface Guidelines, and we expect user interface Android design to follow suit.

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Trend Alert #3: Inventive CTA buttons

As you can see from the first two trends, a common theme of 2017 user experience goals is making conversions more fluid than ever. The best example of this is in how companies, especially those in e-commerce, are leveraging call to action buttons alongside rich forms of media content.

This involves optimizing everything from size and shape to placement on the page, but a development from recent months has been integrating animation into the mix. User interface animation has been rising in popularity in general for enhancing the visual appeal of web and mobile design, but it's an ideal fit for CTA's in particular since it directs the viewer's eye and piques their interest.

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