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Market your brand in a cost-effective way!

Do people read email newsletters anymore? According to a Statista Report in 2019, approximately 91% of online consumers check their email daily. This makes email newsletter still the most powerful, cost-effective, and trusted marketing tool available. It keeps you at the top of your prospects as well as existing customers' minds, generating more leads throughout the buying cycle and even later.

BluEnt creates and manages all your newsletter marketing campaigns. We manage newsletter-marketing campaigns for a large number of e-commerce companies and retailers across the country. We provide effective assistance for creating and sending corporate newsletters, marketing newsletters, whitepapers, sales newsletters, and promotional newsletter campaign.

Advantages of Newsletter Marketing

  • Effective communication
    Sets a rapport between you and your target audience, enhances your company's reputation and increases lead generation.
  • Brand recognition
    Creates fast and effective awareness about new products or services.
  • Trackable
    You know who opened a message, when they opened it, when they clicked, made purchases or not and where they navigated next.
  • Valuable customer data
    Subscribers fill forms providing valuable data that can be analyzed to understand consumer behavior.
  • Client loyalty
    Customers appreciate well-designed, and informative newsletters.
  • Increased website traffic
    Newsletters with company website links are known to encourage customers to visit the site.
  • Deals / Discounts information
    Customers are informed in advance (which may lead to increased sales).
  • Media exposure
    Media and bloggers read newsletters, so your business gets exposure.
  • Cost effective and time efficient
    Reduced paper, printing and delivery cost as well as time.
  • Environment-friendly
    Saves paper and saves the environment

Our Newsletter Marketing Services include:

  • Design Newsletter Template
  • Create HTML5 Newsletter Template
  • Mobile friendly Newsletter Template
  • Newsletter Marketing Software Consulting
  • Newsletter Campaign Automation
  • Integration with CRM and Newsletter Marketing Software
  • Account Setup
  • Opt-In Form
  • Copywriting
  • Distribution
  • Newsletter Subscribers Management
  • Newsletter Tracking and Reporting

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