BluEnt's Logo Philosophy and Theology

You may think we think too much! But it's the clarity and attention to detail that sets us apart...

Maximum Value. Achieved. Our tag line constantly reminds us about Achieving Maximum Value for our clients and BluEnteers.

Why are B and E capital? B and E capital stand for 'Building Businesses' and 'Enterprises'. They also join to form the word "BE". This depicts the people- the workforce who are the BEings, BEhind BluEnt.

Colors of our logo Main Colors are BluE and Red. Secondary colors that can be seen in our logo are: Yellow, Gold, Green and Orange

BluE - the color of water, world, plenty, globalization, technology, purity, clarity and honesty - signifies our goals and values. We often say, 'the BluE sky is our limit'

Red - the color for energy, power and quick action. Both Red and BluE belong to the two different ends of the color spectrum - signifying the variety and range of our services and ability.

Yellow - signifies brightness, a good working environment, rays of the sun, the color of the source of fresh positive energy.

Gold - is the color of excellence, quality, efficiency and maximum value achieved that is our tagline.

Green - is the color of nature, care and abundance. Talks about our ability to grow with an organic approach.

Orange - for creativity, enthusiasm and the capacity to take on and fix challenges (color of fixing or healing)

The globe

Many people advised us to get rid of the globe. It makes our logo look like the common 80s. We just couldn't get our traditional selves to remove it. It goes well with globalization and makes the brand look familiar with a solid foundation. Also stands for one world, round, zero (the starting point of bits and bytes) and the environment (friendly -- green -- which we should be). Plus globes are considered lucky.

The digit 1 in the B1uEnt logo (The modified L)

Well the true reason for inserting the 1 is that after hurricane Katrina disrupted our New Orleans operations a numerologist told one of the founders to change the name BluEnt (summing up to numerological 7 which is more of a spiritual number -- good for spritual ventures) to something that sums up to 5 (more profitable). That meant changing the name to something like BlouEnt. This was a tough one to solve. We finally tweaked the L in BluEnt and made it look slightly like 1 (B1uEnt), satisfying everyone's wishes (making the total 5).

We justified the 1 as:
  • The digit 1 in B1uEnt (Symbol for best) -- No. 1 -- like in an award or an award podium -- 1st, 2nd, 3rd) and Maximum Value Achieved.
  • 0s and 1 are also symbols of programming and technology ...where it all starts.
  • The extended Slant on the one (1) depicts a construction roof (Symbol for Architecture, Engineering, Construction), as well as a mortarboard (academic cap and education) for our continuous learning, innovation, researching and growing capabilities.
  • It also stands for a stage podium depicting our Internet Marketing and Leadership skills.
  • BE 1(One): By BEing together, we at BluEnt, Achieve Maximum Value for our clients and for ourselves, the "BluEnteers".

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