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Customer Profile

GreatSkin.com is a pioneer in online customized skincare. Found in 1997, GreatSkin.com is one of the first Internet Retail e-commerce sales programs on the web, specializing in customized cosmetic and therapeutic skincare. Apart from offering over 1000 special and exclusive products on their website, it also provides a detailed customized online skin analysis. Further studied and interpreted by licensed aesthetician and physicians who suggest various skincare techniques and products to make your experience a fulfilling one. GreatSkin.com's customized approach to skin care, deep discounts, rewards program and frequent sales, places it a step above the other 'mega sites'.

Business Challenges

With the growing retail websites, GreatSkin faced a major drop in sales because of its competitors. Their existing website was not user friendly either. The site was confusing, heavy on content and the shopping cart, a mess. What they needed was a neat design to categorize all their products, offer special discounts, encourage the frequent buyers club and establish a shopping history for each of its clients which they could go back to whenever they wished. Apart from these features, GreatSkin.com was looking at making their website more personal and interactive. They provided free skin care analysis to their users and helped them choose products. This needed more attention and user friendliness in filling the form and then generating the expert's suggestions according to the filled data.

They were looking for a technology consultant who can identify, implement and manage their online store and technologies and that enable more effective communication between the store front and customers. As the owner was not technically expert, they wanted a turnkey solutions provider who will redesign the process, build and migrate the old data base, optimize the website (SEO), enhance the branding and identity awareness online and host the website. "We have lost market share, lost Google standing, essentially lost everything in the past two years. This is very complex stuff and we have to have top notch functionality, beauty , appearance to compete" says Mark at GreatSkin.

They approached to BluEnt and sought our advice and solutions in the following areas (Below are excerpts from Mark's email):

  1. We have a frequent buyers Club
  2. We have a data base and send out 11K targeted e mails for specials weekly through Lyris list manager (e mail blasts)
  3. We have about 750 products (poorly categorized ), with a shopping cart , free shipping over 120
  4. We need the ability to unique specials with just one line, one product, several products, etc. We need to have stored each clients profile of what they ordered, cumulatively with the company, forever.
  5. That data base needs to be searchable by the client.
  6. The products need to be able to have a start rating by the clients (each product).
  7. There needs to be a blog, there also needs to be a comment site by the client, a kind of running blog with client input (highly interactive).
  8. There needs to be links to GreatSkin Facebook page and GreatSkin twitter page.
  9. In addition, we need links to every other form of social media available, and to continuously upgrade to other forms of social media.
  10. Our staff needs to be able to upload new product descriptions and photos into the e commerce store on a daily basis and program things from the back office (specials, newsletters, content etc)
  11. We need a powerful week E mail blast interface. We have lost market share, lost Google standing, essentially lost everything in the past two years
  12. Promote their exclusive feature of Skin analysis by using friendlier tools and interface.
  13. Search Engine Optimization and Social Media appearance.

BluEnt Approach

BluEnt followed a pre set process to satiate all of its client's issues. Our marketing consultants began with understanding the target audience for the website and the BluEnt Project Head began work on developing a fully functional, user-friendly, and SEO-friendly ecommerce website that would encompass product retailing through the online storefront. Besides, the web presence would also dwell on providing intuitive features to keep visitors coming back to the website.

  • Most Online Sales happen from the Home Page, hence a simple yet interesting navigation system to retail all products instantly.
  • BluEnt cleared the clutter from the existing website and placed each product under specified categories of Brand, Treatment, Product Type and Body Area.
  • Develop a more user friendly Shopping Cart and introduce a Wishlist Cart. All products bought can be placed together for payment by clicking 'Add to Cart'. And a virtual cart 'Add to Wishlist' stores all the products that the client wishes to buy later from the website. Both found easily along with the details of the product.
  • Convenient administration to enable easy back end processes like tracking orders, shipments, adding products & coupons, categorizing products, customer interaction via newsletters, bulk e-mails and more.
  • Migrate and store new database of products and clients.
  • Offering clients a much more user friendly profile where they can view their history of purchases, track their orders, rate products, compare products and avail special discounts.
  • Create a comfortable Skin Analysis procedure. Develop a simple form that generates quick and personalized analysis from the experts.
  • A Blog and a comments section for the clients to share their inputs on products and their specific problems to further the interaction with existing and potential clients.
  • Generate client loyalty and stay up with the competitors on the social media portals by linking the website to their Facebook page and Twitter profile.
  • Increase SEO friendliness by identifying the keywords and directing potential clients to their interested page instantly.

BluEnt's experienced team found Joomla best suited for the development of GreatSkin because of its dynamic nature. The features demanded and added on the website need daily updates in adding products, its details, newsletters, blog, etc which can most conveniently be done using the Joomla technology. All of GreatSkin's demands were fulfilled and new developments on the website in terms of features as well as the design were offered with the sole purpose to catch up with its competitors and boost sales.

Technologies Used

  • Joomla
  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • Adobe Suite


BluEnt gave GreatSkin a new look with added and better features. Before GreatSkin.com approached BluEnt, their sales were between $300-$400, after our services, their sales boosted by 60% within first three months of its launch. Their Google ranking improved by two times and they had surpassed all their competitors in terms of navigation and user-friendly. Lost clients came back and an array of new clients joined the bandwagon. GreatSkin feels no hassle or worry regarding its website's sales. They are indeed a happy client who still values and trusts the solutions that BluEnt provided them.

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